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Ouch.  So far I’ve held back my fingers, but it’s getting tough.
As reported first by The Terror Drome, eBay seller viperkingdom has posted an overseas auction for the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra Dusty figure.  Normally I don’t cover this stuff, but because it’s for a Wave 2 figure that has not hit the eBay black market yet, I figured I should at least talk about it.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that this particular figure makes me feel all mushy inside.
The downside is the price.  With shipping, snagging a Pursuit of Cobra Dusty figure prior to retail release will set you back close to $25.  Personally, I’m going to hold off, as much as this figure rocks my world.  I’m buying myself a Droid X on Thursday, gotta pinch the pennies where I can.  Check out the mirrored images below.

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