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So, yeah, technically the actual event doesn’t kick off until tomorrow (check out the full schedule of G.I. Joe related events right here!) but tonight is “preview night” which often showcases some of the new toys and items of interest for the rest of the year.  I’m not necessarily convinced we’ll see much new stuff in the way of little plastic men, but I know for a fact that Renegades mania is going to really get ramped up after tomorrow’s panel.
Of course, GeneralsJoes will work to provide you the absolute best coverage I possibly can, but I’m just one guy doing this for fun…so if you’re interested in keeping up to date on all of the latest news and intel, check out’s coverage of Comic-con!  Sure, they’ll be unravelling all of the G.I. Joe related news that comes out of the show, but they’ll also tackle Marvel, DC, images, interviews, Hollywood, and pretty much all of the cool stuff out of Comic-con.
Not only that, but starting today, UGO is also giving away Comic-con exclusives!  Today they’ll be handing out various exclusives from G.I. Joe, Transformers, and the Marvel Universe, and all of the details can be found right here.
Starting tomorrow (July 22nd), they will have FIVE of the SDCC exclusive Galactus figures.  Those details can be found here.
So even if you’re like me and stuck at home, thanks to UGO, Comic-con will come to you!
I personally cannot wait to see what’s on the horizon, not just for Joe stuff, but Marvel toys, Marvel animation, Transformers, and more great stuff from the geek world as it invades Hollywood and mainstream media.  Gonna be a great long weekend!