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GeneralsJoes commentor and owner/admin of Hammerfel was in attendance at SDCC and asked the Hasbro designers about this new color pallet for the HISS that was seen at preview night last night.  This is what he reports:

“Slight trick of the light. I was there. Please see this pic.
It’s supposed to be gray. Not brown, not black, gray. I spoke to the designer about it and I will post a thread on about the new HISS and its future soon. the designer asked me to pas on word to the Joe Community. Rest assured BROWN was not the intent.”

So yes, it would certainly appear that there is going to be some sort of running change with the HISS Tank from brown to either gray or black.  Hey, I’m a big fan of the HISS as it is, but a change to a more gray (or black… please?) color scheme would only make it that much better.  A huge thanks to Hammerfel for the updated information.  He’s got some great images of SDCC Preview Night over at JoeDios as well, so keep your eyes peeled there.