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Keep in mind that I really don’t like desert figures.  I never really have.  Yet, for some reason, the figure that I was most drawn to with those unreleased Target sets was Sandstorm…for some reason I just thought he was awesome.  Whether it was the story with Zartan, or the desert camouflage and reactive armor combination…I’m not sure why, but that figure really drew me in.
And now, The Pursuit of Cobra keeps up the trend.  Dusty, coming in Wave 2, is one of the cooler Joe figures I’ve seen in recent memory.  Night Fox as well, who is slated to come with the upcoming AWE Striker, is another fantastic looking desert themed figure.  Combine that with the HISS v.5 I already have, and suddenly I have a veritable desert arsenal, and they’re all cool!
Gyre-Viper from, of course, doesn’t help much when he keeps posting great pictures…I love some of the gear swaps he shows off in this thread, and I’ve mirrored just a few of the awesome images below.

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