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Well, official in my mind, anyway…  I mean, come on.  Sure the Great Wall of China is cool and all, but can it wear a gas mask while scuba diving?  Hell no.
As anyone who reads this page was already painfully aware, I am totally infatuated with the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra line.  So infatuated that I’m religiously following reports of store sightings of Bravo Vehicles at Toys “R” Us and Amazon/ToyWiz, as well as closely watching the reported August 1st “Street Date” at Target stores nationwide.  Of course, even as the toys hit in other places, it generally takes awhile to trickle up here…  delivering shipments by horseback and all that.
But as if I wasn’t loving Pursuit of Cobra enough, the mailman dropped off a “City Strike” Beachhead last week.  Good Lord.  GeneralsJoes contributor Hawkwinter already did a great review, and I really can’t add a whole lot to it, so I’ll just link it instead.  The twisted anal-retentive Joefan in me, though, couldn’t help but take a couple dozen pictures, which I’ll just link in a gallery below.
This figure is insane.  However, I do think he suffers just a bit from this new Pursuit of Cobra “over-detail” aesthetic.  His flak vest is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it’s pretty huge, pretty over-burdened with detail, and the figure ends up being a total mish-mash of sculpt and functionality.  He’s got jungle deco with an urban name, a gas mask, a wealth of re-used weaponry (including a pulse rifle!) that doesn’t really blend with the character or the specialty.  His dive flippers are tacked onto the back of his vest, except he’s supposed to be an urban trooper.
I can certainly appreciate what Hasbro is doing, and in execution, this is one hell of an amazing looking figure.  But it seemed like Hasbro just had a bunch of stuff left over and slapped it on Beachhead just for the heck of it.  The result is an awesome figure that has so much random stuff it’s tough to iron out exactly what they were going for.  Of course, this is a pre-production version, but even production-level images have shown similar gear load outs.
Check out the pics and judge for yourself.

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