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Although a few days late (mostly due to SDCC prep, I’d imagine) the latest round of Q & A answers are starting to come in.  This is what I received from the questions I asked:
1) During Botcon, Hasbro and the Transformers: Prime producers confirmed that the animated series might not be ready for The Hub’s debut in October.  Do you anticipate the same situation for G.I. Joe: Renegades?
A) The new series will launch in the fall around the same time as the Hub network launches, though it is still too early to give specific release dates.
2) Looking at G.I. Joe toys produced in the early 2000’s compared to what we have now, the differences are night and day.  What do you think are the core reasons for that?  Is it technology, a new philosophy, or simply new sculpting and design techniques that have evolved over the past eight years?  Has moving away from the o-ring format given you more flexibility in design and detail work?
A) Every year brings new innovations in design and every generation of G.I. Joe brings with it a new expectation for the level of detail and articulation.  When the team looks back even to the original release of the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary figures in 2007 and compares them to the Pursuit of Cobra figures of today – it is clear that there are differences in the level of sculpted detail and the acuity of the articulation.  Certainly philosophy has played a part, but design in general is often influenced by the world we live in.  The design team doesn’t rest at any one style, they know that there is always room for improvement.  Technically speaking, the move away from the “o-ring” has allowed for a greater lever of flexibility and has allowed us to create details without having to worry about that detail hindering articulation. While we’re very pleased with the amazing figures the design team is delivering, as we look into the future, we know that the G.I. Joe line will only continue to improve in sculpting detail and design.