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Wow.  I wish I could look inside the head of whomever designed this bad boy and figure out where they came up with it.  G.I. Joe toys as of late have focused on a few key moving parts and special functions, but for the most part they are fairly solid vehicles just meant to roll and shoot.
Then came Ashiko w/ his Cycle Armor, and some Hasbro designer went all batshit crazy.
Don’t get me wrong.  This thing looks amazing.  If it works.  And judging by Gyre-Viper’s comments on there is no real assurance that it will work.  Granted, he’s got an unfinished test shot, but just looking at the damn thing, I can’t be convince it will work.  I hope it works.  If it does work, I’ll probably by like two dozen of them, but at this p0int I’m on the fence.  I also feel the need to note that the pictures of the colored test shots are courtesy of longtime friend of GeneralsJoes, notpicard.
Mirrored images below tell the gruesome tale…

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