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After a July 4th extended weekend vacation, I’m back in the G.I. Joe news game just in time for more Pursuit of Cobra product sightings…Bravo vehicles and Mech Suits are filtering out amongst e-tailers and even some brick and mortar stores, all leading up to the inevitable full-fledged action figure launch.  Can’t wait for it.
To further whet our appetites, GeneralsJoes contributor Hawkwinter sends along an array of images featuring the fan favorite Pursuit of Cobra Alley-Viper!  But no, not just one Alley-Viper, but a whole squad of them!  Awesomeness.  Cannot wait to get my mits of a handful of these bad boys!
Also, he points out a very cool arctic-themed insert that came with his Snow Job, and I don’t believe it’s something that anyone else has revealed yet (though I could be wrong).  Check that out below as well.

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