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Gyre-Viper strikes again, this time getting us some great images of a Pursuit of Cobra Shadow Tracker test shot as well as the upcoming Alpha class vehicle AWE Striker w/ Night Fox.  I’m not quite so enamored with the AWE Striker itself, but hot damn if that  Night Fox isn’t one sexy bitch.
The Shadow Tracker we see in the images below is an uncolored test shot, so obviously this won’t be the final deco, but in some ways that adds to the appeal.  With the black and white colors, you can really pick out the detail work, and I love the focus on the wrist articulation here.  Look at all that freaking gear, too.  What a fantastic looking figure.
Night Fox is a bit of a surprise, as I thought it was pretty much a frankensteined mis-matched mess…updated images a month or so ago changed my mind.  And Gyre-Viper’s pictures even further pushed me over the edge.  What a great looking combination of parts and new webgear.  A very cool looking new character.
Check out the huge gallery mirrored below.

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