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* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *
Hi folks, we wanted to tell you about some new and upcoming products.
We now have in-package photos for the GI JOE: Resolute 7-figure sets.
Also, these will be leaving China a little sooner than originally
expected so we’ve moved up the estimated ship date from our warehouse
to the third week of July.
Resolute 7-pack sets of 2 are available at $69.99, cases at $199.99.
We also have a special promotional offer for the Resolute sets
combined with the Extreme Conditions 7-packs for an unbeatable deal
at $99.99.
GI JOE Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 and wave 2 are now available for pre-
order.  We don’t have Hasbro-approved images for wave 2 yet although
you can visit the various GI JOE fan sites to see photos of these items
taken at the recent GI JOE convention.  Although Hasbro has given
an August date for the wave 2 product we think that actual availability
may fall into September.
Pursuit of Cobra wave 2 figure sets of 6 are available at $46.99 and
cases at $82.99.
Pursuit of Cobra wave 1 figure sets of 8 are available at $62.99 and
cases at $82.99.