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In a sure sign that the Pursuit of Cobra launch is growing near, HasbroToyShop has officially started listing Pursuit of Cobra product.
Keep in mind that most items are currently “out of stock” and unavailable, but some items will allow you to add them to your cart, just with a message that they will not be shipping until August, 2009.  There are, at this moment, fourteen total items listed:

  • Alley-Viper
  • Beachhead
  • Cobra Commander (Chase)
  • Deviant Mobile Mech w/ Cyber-Viper
  • Hiss Tank
  • Doom Cycle
  • Duke
  • Firefly
  • Ghost Hawk
  • Snake Eyes
  • Snow Job
  • Steel Marauder w/ Kickstart
  • Storm Shadow
  • Wolfhound

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