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Just in case anyone is wondering about the “slow news days” at GeneralsJoes the past few days, I’m out of town doing some pretty heavy Cisco training for my “real life” job which has taken up pretty much every single free minute of my time since Sunday.  Today, we got out of class a bit early, and I find myself with a little break between topics, so I’m hoping to flood the site with some updates this evening, so stay tuned!
To start off with, GeneralsJoes regular Hawkwinter has been a fixture in the comments section for quite a while, often going at odds with me over my Rise of Cobra opinions (and 25th Anniversary opinions, and IDW opinions, and…. ) but one thing we agree on is that the Pursuit of Cobra might be the best thing to happen to G.I. Joe in toy form in a long, long time.
So, he volunteered to do some guest reviews for me, and knowing I was going to be out of town, I took him up on it!  Any time I can get some content on the site that I don’t have to work for it’s all good with me!  It helps that he takes some nice pictures and has some well thought-out opinions to boot.
Anyway, over in the Pursuit of Cobra Reviews Page, there are now links to City Strike Beachhead and Elite Ice-Viper.
A huge thanks to Hawkwinter for cashing in and getting these done for me.  Thanks, man.