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August is only a couple of short months away, and we all know what that means in regards to the Asian market.  Over the past few days quite a number of products have started showing up across the web, and while I’ll refrain from linking to specific auctions, I did want to mirror the updated images and point out that these all come courtesy of The Terror Drome.  To date, we’ve got some nice pictures of Pursuit of Cobra City Strike Beachhead, Jungle Assault Duke, Desert Battle Storm Shadow, and G.I. Joe: Resolute Scarlett and Baroness.
In the past I’ve jumped on some of these auctions pretty quickly, to be totally honest.  But so far, I’m holding myself back on this initial batch.  I grabbed Spirit pretty quickly when he appeared a couple of weeks back, but I’m just having a hard time pulling the trigger on $20 a pop when they should be hitting retail in about 6 – 8 weeks.  The really weird thing is, for the Rise of Cobra figures, which were pretty inferior, all told, I was jumping on them pretty quick.  But for these much better figures, I can’t bring myself to do it, at least not yet.  Is it because of the price jump, which is admittedly, pretty small?  Or is it my strong, iron clad moral core?  Yeah, definitely not that.
Check out some of the images mirrored below.

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