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Since JoeCon 2009 I’ve been looking at that AWE Striker w/ Night Fox and have been filled with an overwhelming sense of “meh”… nothing about it really resonated.  We’ve gotten a Night Ops AWE Striker, we’ve gotten a desert AWE Striker, so why do we need this bizarre amalgamation of the two of them?  I couldn’t really find a reason to be excited about it.  Even Night Fox, a new character (which I normally love) seemed like a strange mish mash of parts and pieces that didn’t necessarily flow.
But then both Gyre-Viper and GeneralsJoes contributor cmderinchief dug up some new images from overseas specialist toyssir898.  And these new images really struck a nerve with me.  In these images, Night Fox is wearing a helmet, not his ill-fitting cap, and for whatever reason, it makes a world of difference.  For the first time I noticed the great webgear…I love the fact that he uses Jungle Assault Ripcord’s  baggy-sleeved arms.  The whole figure looks very, very cool.  I’m not sure why the helmet and close up picture suddenly made all of this difference, but it did.  I find myself really looking forward to this now, even though I’ll likely discard the AWE Striker and just use Night Fox as a night ops specialist.
Also in the series of images was the Ice Cutter with the original version of the Snow Serpent slated to come with the vehicle originally (before it appeared to be changed to a paint scheme resembling the Toys “R” Us version from last year).  I find myself liking that red, especially when looking at the cancelled Elite Ice-Viper and Arctic Destro figures.  The red and white paint apps would have all blended very nicely together…
Check out the images mirrored below and let me know what you think.

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