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There’s nothing as exciting as new GI Joes, and that’s exactly what we’ve got this week! First up are the Resolute 7 Packs, as well as Series 1 and 2 of the Pursuit of Cobra line.
And for those of you with more diverse interests, that’s not all we’ve got. Check out our new Transformers Generations preorders, including characters from the War for Cybertron game that comes out today! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the game or on these figures.
For Masters of the Universe fans, we have Keldor and She-Ra in stock and available now if you missed them originally. Gygor and Whiplash preorders are available too!
If you’re looking for new DC Comics based toys, we’ve got some of those too, like the video game based Arkham Asylum figures or the rerelease of the impossible-to-find DC Universe Classics Wave 5. The new Justice League Unlimited Lobo is available as well.
And the final items spotlighted this week are really intriguing. Check out these Star Wars and Iron Man Lamps!