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When he first showed up at JoeCon 2009, Shadow Tracker immediately became a fan favorite, and when he mysteriously vanished when the official Pursuit of Cobra announcement came, many feared the worst.
But Hasbro calmed our fears in JoeCon this year when they reported that Shadow Tracker wasn’t dead, he was just waiting…  though, checking out these pictures, maybe he’s dead AND he’s waiting. uncovered an auction on that features some pre-production images of Shadow Tracker, and as cool as I thought he was from day one…man, he just surpassed that.
The dude has a skull for a head.  Say that again.  A SKULL FOR A HEAD.
Seriously…awesomeness personified.
I don’t know what happened as The Rise of Cobra came and went, but whatever it was, I want more!  The Joe designers at Hasbro are simply doing some amazing stuff right now…every single figure is just oozing with personality.  It’s very 80’s like, only in a 21st Century style.  Shadow Tracker looks like an awesome new character, and I can’t wait to get him in my collection, just so he can scare the piss out of the other guys with his FREAKING SKULL HEAD.

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