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Okay, I’m pretty on top of things in the Marvel animated slate…  but somehow I’m a bit out of the loop.
Apparently, way back on March 4th it was announced that a new Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes animated series would be airing in 2011.  Somehow I missed this.  In fact, there’s even a trailer online:

Ummm…  holy shit?
This looks pretty fun!  And it would even appear that a “micro series” featuring back stories for the individual heroes would begin airing this fall.  Supposedly 52 episodes have already been ordered, and with an all star cast, this looks like a very cool series.
Unfortunately, though…  apparently Spectactular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men have both been cancelled.  It would appear good news always comes with bad.  These were two of my favorite animated series in a long time… bummer.  Hopefully Avengers can fill the void.