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Yes, August is a good two months away, but the Pursuit of Cobra images are flying in, this time from Troynos over at  In all honesty, two of my least anticipated figures coming up are the Desert Battle Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, but these new images have made them appealing, at least from an accessory standpoint.
Snake Eyes looks really cool in the colors shown here (even though they’re pre-production), and Storm Shadow’s accessories are sick.  I love the way they all connect together and can create different combinations.  That cross-sword sheath is very cool, too!
The name of the game with the Pursuit of Cobra seems to be accessorize!  And so far, pretty much every figure has done it exceptionally well.  Even figures that aren’t all that appealing to me have enough cool gear to make it worth while.  Very nice.  Images are mirrored below.

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