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Yes, I’m still in the midst of convention decompressing and gathering information together to get posted, but I just had to get this nugget out there, since I think a lot of fans will love checking out these images.
Gyre-Viper of posted a metric ton of pictures of recently acquired HISS Tank as well as both the G.I. Joe and Cobra Mech Suits for the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra line.  Yes, they are as sick as you think they are, especially that HISS.  Amazing stuff.  The thread can be found here, and I’ve mirrored nearly three dozen pics below as well.
In an effort to tie this back in to the convention, too, I did want to just take a minute and say one of the highlights of the Con for me was getting a chance to meet and interact with Gyre-Viper as he prowled the sales floor or the hallways of the hotel.  I’ve seen my fair share of fans from all walks of life, and many of those fans I run into who buy the pre-production items have a craving to be “first”, to wear it like some sort of badge of honor.  But Gyre-Viper has a palpable thirst for knowledge, an amazing respect for the G.I. Joe brand, and a healthy desire to see G.I. Joe succeed, which drives him to collect the way he does.  He obviously has a deep appreciation for what the toys are all about now, but he also is extremely fascinated with how the production process happens, and with the history of G.I. Joe over the past twenty-eight years.
It was a blast meeting with him and shooting the breeze for a little while, and it always excites me when someone who hasn’t been around all that long can motivate other folks to get excited for the product, and who has an obvious energy himself.
Gyre-Viper, you da man!  Keep it up, bud.

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