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You would think with the internet, the purveillance of the overseas gray market sellers, and the resources at our disposal, there wouldn’t be much out there that we haven’t at least gotten a sniff of by now.  Well, the Terror Drome has dug up a pair of figures that really haven’t been on anyone’s radar.  Most likely cancelled figures from the Rise of Cobra line (at least the one with the Reactive Armor vest), we have two figures that may or may not be more Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow updates that folks hadn’t heard of.
The original sightings come from TaoBao, and comes via ilovesw, a seller that has been around the block a number of times.
While the figures themselves don’t offer a whole lot of cool, new excitement, it’s always pretty neat catching a glimpse of “what might have been”.  Who knows, these may end up seeing release down the road somewhere.  With how much Hasbro is distancing themselves from the Rise of Cobra, I strongly doubt the figure with the reactive armor will see release, especially because Hasbro already announced the cancellation of Training Duke, who shares many of the same parts.
Time will tell, I suppose.

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