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Maybe I’ve been recuperating from the Convention, I dunno…  but reliable Target staffer kennywr22 over at HissTank dug up and posted the Target DCPI numbers for the upcoming Pursuit of Cobra product.  I will repeat them below:

  • Figures 087-06-2239 6.99 each
  • Mechs 087-06-2240 19.99 each
  • Bravo vehicles(new #) 087-06-2241 24.99 each

Figures $6.99!  Coolness.  He also mentions that these are hitting distribution centers, and could start arriving in stores within 1 – 2 months.  Retail typically does their section “resets” in late July or early August, so that would certainly fit the time frame.
It seems like freaking forever since we saw these figures for the first time.  Holy crap am I fired up to finally start getting production versions in hand.  Bring ’em on!