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I think we can all agree…  the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra video game wasn’t the pinnacle of video game capabilities.  In fact, many would say it was downright awful.  Personally, there were parts of it I enjoyed…enough that I played it all the way through the end and unlocked all of the characters.  But, by far the best part about the game, bar none, was the music.  It had some elements of the Rise of Cobra film, but it’s done in a purely orchestral style, and even with some generic techno-mix thrown in there, it really is a great listen.
Well, the guys over the MS Gulf Coast G.I. Joe Collectors Club have gathered the songs together from the game, (which also had some nice homages to the Sunbow theme mixed in there) and has collected it all into a massive soundtrack .zip file.
I’ve been listening to it tonight, and it’s been surprisingly entertaining.  Really good stuff, for a pretty mediocre game.
They’ve posted it up on MegaUpload right here.  Give it a shot!