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Now, normally I try to avoid promoting the Chinese gray-market sellers too much on the site (even though I regularly partake in their wares, since I’m all about being a hypocrite).  But in the case of the Wave 3 Alpha product, since it’s cancelled state side, I can make an exception, I suppose.
The Terror Drome reports that Black Sheep Toy Store (also known as ws_toys) has Volcano Vipers up for grabs!  Woop!  Beyond the Polar Shark Sub, this was one figure that I was really looking forward to, and I’m psyched that he will at least be available in some regard.  Now all we need is the sub itself and Ice Storm.  Leatherneck wouldn’t be bad, but I still think Hasbro might have a better version up their sleeves somewhere down the line.  He would fit the Pursuit of Cobra perfectly.
Check out the auctions below and the mirrored images directly underneath:

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