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Thanks to GeneralsJoes commentor Braxthunder for reporting that MonkeybarTV has just posted an online flash-based game for the Pursuit of Cobra!  I’ve only played it briefly so far, and so far it seems to be a pseudo puzzle style game, at least the City Strike level is.
I’m playing as Agent Helix, and you have to activate a series of levers, buttons, etc…  to navigate through the cityscape.  So far it’s pretty neat.  I’m interested in seeing what the other environments give us.
Check out the game right here!
EDIT – The other levels are just as cool…  Arctic Threat features Snow Job piloting a Rockslide down an arctic slope.  Desert Battle features Dusty (wearing Ripcord’s jetpack!) flying from truck to truck.  Lastly, in the Jungle Assault mission, Recondo is piloting a Mech suit in a first-person shooter style game with all guns blazing.
This is actually pretty fun.  Cheesy, yeah, but still fun.  Check out some screen shots below, especially that last shot with some old school HISS goodness…

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