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Or…  if an assortment gets cancelled, and no one was going to buy it, does it really matter?
Okay, that’s a bit harsh.  To be honest, I was looking forward to the Volcano Viper, and the Polar Shark Sub was pretty bad ass all around, but I do think most fans have moved on past the third wave of Alpha vehicles, haven’t they?  I hope so, because according to The Terror Drome, the assortment has been officially cancelled, per an email from BigBadToyStore.
Seems to me, that even the most ardent fans of The Rise of Cobra (myself included) are now perched and ready for the Pursuit of Cobra, and don’t have a burning desire to revisit the Paramount universe at this point.  There are so many cool G.I. Joe items on the horizon that appear to have been birthed from the film, but have evolved past the film, that I’m not sure I can bring myself to care a whole lot about this last assortment.  Dusty did look pretty sweet.  The Polar Shark and Ice Storm are something that my collection will miss.  But the half-hearted Leatherneck was no great shakes, the repaint Rockslide and Molepod definitely don’t hurt my feelings.  I dunno.  Just nothing I was really clamoring for.
Bring on the Red Shadows at this point.
My biggest bitch is that I used a question in the last Q & A asking about this third wave…hopefully that’s not the magic one that Hasbro picks!