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We’ve just received our answers from the latest round of the G.I. Joe Q & A Session!  Here are the questions and answers from GeneralsJoes:
1) Comparing what we saw at Toy Fair in February with what was shown at GIJoeCon last year, it’s evident that some figures are not currently being released as planned.  What went into the decision on which figures to cut from assortments?  Figures like Desert Battle Ripcord seemed to have a ton of fan love and looked like a terrific addition, not to mention lots of money invested in the additional tooling.  Why would a figure like that get dropped from current release plans?
1) The majority of figures are being released as planned.  If a figure is dropped, it could be because it was not fully tooled and it is no longer relevant to the theme or storyline.
2) What is the current status of the third wave of Target Exclusive vehicles, the RAM w/ Sandstorm, Whirlwind w/ Range-Viper, Trubble Bubble w/ Elite-Viper, and Glider w/ Ace?  Are they still getting released?
2) Unfortunately there are currently no plans for their release.
Let me just say…
NOOOOOO!!!  Man.  I was really looking forward to those Target exclusive vehicles, but it sounds like they’re not being released as planned?  THAT is a major bummer.