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So, the Q & A answers have only started trickling in, and it already seems like we’re getting some better responses from Hasbro.  Even if they’re not revealing future figures, the responses seem at least a bit less “canned” and more thought out, which is great to see.  The following questions have already shown up on my radar:

  • reveals in their session that Sgt. Slaughter has a new wrist joint, and Hasbro confirms it, reporting that they are going to feature that joint on a number of upcoming new figures.  Awesome!  I’m all for articulation improvements, and this looks like a good one.  If you take a close look below, you can see what they’re referring to:

  • JoeBattleLines got a couple of gems for us!  They asked Hasbro about particular items that didn’t appear at Toy Fair and got confirmation that both Shadow Tracker and Ashiko with the Cycle Armor should be hitting retail in their Spring, 2011 line!  They also promised to show more at JoeCon in Providence.  Excellent!  Another interesting tidbit from JBL is that Hasbro reports that they have started shipping Alpha Wave 3 Rise of Cobra vehicles, in spite of recent reports from BigBadToyStore.  So we’re not getting the awesome Target exclusives, but we are getting the somewhat tired Rise of Cobra Wave 3?  Yay?
  • got Hasbro to talk a bit about the Pursuit of Cobra Duke’s headsculpt, and they confirm that it was inspired by Resolute, classic, and Valor Vs. Venom!  Awesome to hear that they pulled from different era’s, and it’s almost a little confirmation that the Pursuit of Cobra is the first real new G.I. Joe universe if you set aside the film (which so many fans seem only to eager to do).
  • ToyNewsInternational gets to the bottom of the COBRA Commander “Chase Figure” reports, and Hasbro admits that while the Commander is a chase figure, he will not be limited to 1 in every 10 cases as has been previously reported.  He should be much more accessible than that.  Great news there.

I know many fans were quick to jump on Hasbro a bit for their new, somewhat convoluted Q & A submittal process, but so far, so good.  We’re getting some great answers and great information this time around, I’m really happy to see it.  Don’t forget to keep checking GeneralsJoes Q & A Page for updates!  Got a number of sites up there already.