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In spite of how much “venom” (no pun intended) is thrown towards the updated Cobra Commander design for the Rise of Cobra, fandom praise on the Pursuit of Cobra mailaway version was surprisingly excessive.  With a slightly retooled head, some fancy vac-metalized parts and an array of kick ass accessories, many fans seemed ready to jump on the Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander bandwagon.
Then, during Toy Fair, it was revealed that Cobra Commander would no longer be a mail away, it was now going to be a “chase figure” in somewhat limited capacity.  Thankfully Hasbro did announce at the latest Q & A, that the figure would not be extremely hard to find, but it’s a retail figure, nonetheless.  And while the bulk of the figure remains the same, from the great Cobra themed packaging, to the chrome accents on the figure, there are some changes.  For instance, since the figure is no longer a mail away version, the shipping box obviously is no longer needed, the very cool letter from General Hawk is a thing of the past, and the most disappointing difference is that the HISS drone that was initially slated to come with the figure couldn’t make it through to the retail price point.
So, the mad dash has begun…  initial mail away Cobra Commanders have been available through illicit means for a short while, and now they’re at extremely high demand.  Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on one, and my gain is your gain.  I have to, of course, give a huge thanks to an old buddy of mine for hooking me up with this item, too.  He gave me a great deal on something that’s very tough to come by, and it made my month!
While I can’t bring myself to open the figure, I took a bunch of pictures, trying to get as much possible detail as I could, even through the haze of plastic clamshell.  I’ve posted the extensive gallery below…  enjoy!

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