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Once again, the MTV Movie Blog delivers with some very neat info regarding the potential sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Continuing their talk with the writers of the sequel, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the interviewer brought up the idea of Tomax and Xamot…and apparently the reactions of the writers gave it away.

“Oh yeah, well–” Reese said, catching himself before continuing, “… okay, maybe.” Both writers then laugh. A little too hard. Interesting.
“I can’t say,” Reese continued. “You may have just read it off my face but I can’t say.” A pause. “Can’t say.”

But it doesn’t stop there, and when the interviewer pressures them a bit more…

“It could be a disaster,” Reese agreed. That’s when the bomb drops, the closest we get to confirmation that the duo will at least be attempted; Wernick adds “We hope to do it right.”

Tomax and Xamot have the potential to be pretty awful in a cinematic setting…but they also could be pretty cool as well.  Sure, they were ridiculous in the Sunbow cartoon, but I think Larry Hama handled them quite well in the Marvel Comics, and of course, they’re deep, conflicted, and totally enthralling in G.I. Joe: Cobra.  Hell, maybe we can hope that some influences will be pulled from G.I. Joe: Cobra (based on the popularity of that title) for the movie in general.  But that might be hoping for too much.
Check out the embedded video below.