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For Joe fans who don’t check into the GI Joe Collectors’ Club forums, you can sometimes miss out on some nice little tidbits.  For instance, this past weekend, Lanny revealed some awesome package art for the upcoming 3 3/4″ Adventure Team product that is supposed to debut at the Convention in Rhode Island this year.
That artwork is pretty damn stunning, I have to say.
Between the Red Shadows, Action Force, Dr. Venom, and the Adventure Team, this year’s Convention is gonna be a killer on the wallet, but I’m really looking forward to it.  Check out the package art mirrored below as well.

Other tidbits from the GIJCC forums within the past few days…  according to The Commander, the Red Torches will come with some different weapon assortments in the box!  Sounds like they may not be straight-up flamethrower troopers.  Also, the inclusion of Flint and Interrogator was most likely due to a dictation from Hasbro that they include a mainstream Joe and a mainstream Cobra in the Con set.
Some very cool behind the scenes info.  Check it out, registration is free.