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Channing Tatum has been doing the rounds promoting his latest film, Dear John, and of course, as expected, has been getting numerous questions regarding G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the potential sequel, and even the Razzie nominations that the film earned.
In a short interview with New York Magazine, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra’s “Duke” had the following to say:

Is it hard to show your face here at the iconic Chinese Theater to shill your new film on the same day your last film was bestowed with the shame of six Razzie nods?
Whoa. Cool. Did G.I. Joe win any? Was I nominated for Worst Actor?
Afraid not. You were locked out by a bunch of aging comics and the Jonas Brothers.
That was probably a close one, but it’s hard to compete with those heartthrobs.
Your co-stars Sienna Miller and Marlon Wayans were not so lucky.
Marlon’s Razzie for Little Man is his most prized trophy. I kid you not. He’s probably thrilled. Besides, when you do a movie like [G.I. Joe], you aren’t trying to break any ground. You just want kids and grown-ups who remember the cartoon to go see it, love it, and have a good time watching shit get blown up. And we did good business anyway. There is talk of a sequel. I know they hired a writer, so I’m crossing fingers”

Along with print interviews, he also sat down in front of a camera for and showed some enthusiasm for the upcoming sequel and even made mention of Cobra Island!  Check out that video below: