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Perhaps this mystery surrounding the whole Pursuit of Cobra thing wouldn’t be so frustrating if the toys weren’t so freaking cool.  I think what’s killing many fans out there is that these toys look so bad ass that not knowing when they’re coming is really taxing us…
So, just to rub a little more salt in the wound, HissTank has posted some more images of the upcoming VAMP and HISS bravo class vehicles, which are, frankly, just amazing.

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I mean look at those things.  Utter bad assedness.  The VAMP is amazingly cool, and so obviously built based off the Sigma 6 Night Ops VAMP (which is not a bad thing).  The angular armor, the modular gun ports, even the rotating weapons platform in the back with a very similar gatling gun.  To me, this is a GREAT thing.  I’ve long since expressed my love for the 2.5″ Sigma 6 vehicle designs, and seeing 3 3/4″ vehicles so strongly based on those looks is just a fantastic thing.
Now, if we only knew what to call the toyline…  hell, though, they can call it Mighty Morphin Power Joe if they keep producing toys like this.