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I apologize for the delay in posting these, had a nice dinner out with the family…now it looks like I’ll be up late getting links up.  First thing I’ve got to say, is that upon early glance, kudos to Hasbro for some better answers this time around.  Look, we all know they can’t tell us everything we want to know, but I’ve already seen some great tidbits of information in various places, which is a great improvement.  This close to Toy Fair, I was especially impressed.  Big thanks to Hasbro for taking time out of their busy schedules to indulge us Joe collectors…
1 – All evidence seems to point to a delay in release for the Pursuit of Cobra line, yet several store exclusive items have been seen sporting the Rise of Cobra logo (that were formally Pursuit of Cobra items).  Can you confirm that the only G.I. Joe items we will be seeing for the first half of 2010 will be Rise of Cobra themed store exclusives?  The main line is pushed back to Fall, 2010, is that correct?
A: Yes, this is correct. The mainline Pursuit of Cobra items will be released in fall 2010.  But we do have some new store exclusives that are released in spring.
2 – Resolute keeps on showing up in various places around the web and seems to be a huge hit with the adult collector crowd, even those folks not as involved in the G.I. Joe fandom as we are.  What other Resolute inspired items can we expect beyond the two 7-packs?
A: We have no other Resolute lines planned for 2010 beyond the two 7-packs.
3 – We’ve already heard quite a bit of news on the third sequel to the Transformers franchise, yet not a single peep as of yet for the follow up for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  When can we expect some news one way or the other about the motion picture future of our favorite toyline?
A: Paramount recently announced that it is moving forward with a sequel to last summer’s movie and are in talks with writers.  We’re very excited!