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A lot of various Pursuit of Cobra figures have started trickling out, but perhaps the one that has slipped most under the radar is Snow Job.  Whether it’s due to the somewhat generic arctic look of the figure, or whether he’s just not quite as exciting as others like Zartan or Ripcord, I’m not sure, but for whatever reason, he hasn’t seen as much focus.

Well, Terror Drome member Outbackk bucks that trend and has posted some very nice images of the figure, as well as revealing the fact that the goggles and hat are not removable.  A pity.  This figure is really cool, and his accessories are absolutely amazing, but in a way, I can see why folks aren’t quite so excited about him.  On the surface he’s very much like the Rise of Cobra Arctic Snake Eyes…  but those ski’s and that sniper rifle almost sell me on their own.  Check out the images for yourself.

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