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When it rains, it pours, and today, it’s been pouring a bit…  hot on the heels of the revalation of potential card art for an upcoming G.I. Joe single pack line, The Terror Drome has uncovered some images of upcoming Mech Suits that seem to be slated to hit retail alongside this new line.  I hesitate to continue calling it “Pursuit of Cobra” based on the lack of that moniker on the packaging, but for simplicity sake, I will probably still refer to it by that name.

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Now, during JoeCon last year we already saw Hasbro show a slide of the Sigma 6 2.5″ Iron Hammer Mech Suit, so it’s already established that this was a plan for the Pursuit of Cobra line, but now apparently we can expect more than one of these bad boys!  That’s all great news to me…  I’m a totally unabashed and unashamed fan of Sigma 6 in both scales, but I’ve also admitted that the vehicle line would have been MUCH cooler had it been integrated with the more familiar 3 3/4″ scale.  Well, we’re at least kind of getting that wish now, in the form of these very cool looking Iron Hammer mechs.  While I’m not sure how they’ve been modified to fit the larger figures, from a pure size perspective, they fit seamlessly.  Excellent.

While on the topic of image weirdness, we also get to see some new Jurassic Park items (or what appear to be anyway).  I really like what I’m seeing, but at the same time, I feel a bit conflicted.

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Obviously Hasbro elected to use some G.I. Joe tooling for these JP items, which is great to see, and the AWE Strikers both look very neat!  But man…why does Jurassic Park get those bad ass Resolute Trooper figures as base troopers, and we all got stuck with the Rise of Cobra stuff for the regular Joe line?  Lord help me, those Jurassic Park figures look pretty sick in those camouflage schemes, and the TRU Firefly base figure is wonderful.  Awesome looking stuff, but I just can’t help but dream of a day where the dozens of Cobra Troopers we got stuck with were all based on the bad ass Resolute tooling rather than the clunky Rise of Cobra stuff.  Ah, well.