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A small image has emerged from the dark corners of the internet that appears to be packaging art for a new line of G.I. Joe single-pack figures.  It appears to be the Pursuit of Cobra Firefly on the package, with some elements from the Rise of Cobra package design, so all signs point to “legit”.  The most curious thing, of course, is the fact that there is no mention of “The Pursuit of Cobra” on the package, and it almost looks like the single pack line may now be separated into a straight up “G.I. Joe” line once again.

Is this a result of lackluster response to the movie themed toys?   Tough to tell, but the new packaging is pretty exciting.  Love the blue coloring, love the chrome logo that retains many of the elements of the vintage one.

Big thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for pointing this out!