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Looks like production is ramping up for upcoming Pursuit of Cobra figures, as we have another allotment of images to check out, but of mostly the same figures we’ve seen.  Still, these images are even nicer than previous ones and offer some very cool new details.

These figures are…freaking…amazing.  Look at all of those accessories!  I’m not big on arctic figures, but the way Snow Job’s gear all fits onto his backpack like that?  Holy crap.  Zartan blends a lot of his classic elements into a very neat Aboriginal style…very nomadic and bad ass, and that disguise looks great.  Storm Shadow is another absolute winner.  I was getting really damn tired of that character during the Anniversary line, but he just comes to life in new ways with that cool jungle camouflage, that amazing webgear and really neat glider.  Not to mention the twin uzi’s.  I’m almost speechless.  These are some of the finest looking toys to hit G.I. Joe in a very long time.  I’m astounded that they can work that level of detail and accessorization into a 3 3/4″ figure, it’s truly fantastic.

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