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I’ve been a bit behind the eight ball over the past couple of days while I deal with some home-related issues, but since I was posting the Resolute DVD review, I had to get something up there for the two most recent Gyre-Viper discoveries over at

Man, I love seeing this stuff…both from an unproduced or pre-production perspective, but also because it gives us some great detail on figures that are “in the hopper”…and I was pretty psyched about that mail away Cobra Commander.  Now, I’m way beyond psyched.  This guy looks in SANE.  The dark chrome red finish on the torso is cool enough, but that rough metallic facemask is just too cool for words.  Much more imposing than the previous version.  I really like it…more than I thought I would.  Gotta love the removable twin-barrel machine gun from the HISS Tank drone, too.  Check out the original thread, or the mirrored images below.

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The Whirlwind stuff is cool, number one because we get a peek at the original paint scheme (at least a little bit) for the vehicle that was slated to come with Recondo.  But at this point what really interests me is that Twin Battle Gun w/ Range-Viper.  I know a lot of folks have been complaining about the green, but I love it.  The Range-Viper has always been designed as a wilderness trooper, so the green and gray are awesome colors.  I do think it will look a bit less “sparkly” in person…the coolest thing to me about this particular Range-Viper, though, is that it uses the Resolute Trooper as a base figure, so not only does it have some great articulation and design aesthetics, but it can be used as a “Death Squad” trooper of sorts in your Resolute universe.  Oh, and I guess the Cobra Whirlwind repaint is okay, too.  :shifty:

Check those out here, and below.

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