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I know I bitched about Hasbro’s non-committal answers yesterday, and to a point, that holds true.  It can be frustrating when we, as fans, reach out, simply for some information…and don’t get a whole lot in return.  I wasn’t asking for trade secrets, I wasn’t trying to be a dick, I was just trying to come up with some interesting, different questions, and get some insight, yet still received nothing really in the replies.  A bit disappointing, is all.

But…apparently Hasbro wasn’t so non-committal with everyone.  There’s actually some information that we gleaned from this round, which was cool to see. “Look out for a S.A.W. Viper Crazy Legs, and plenty of others in 2010.” Very interesting…cool to hear the name SAW Viper, that’s for sure.  I can only imagine what he’ll look like in a Pursuit of Cobra theme.  Crazy Legs seems to be a somewhat odd choice, but I’m open for anything.

JoeBattleLines“Good news – we plan to release Alpine in a 2010 multipack in a classic look.” I like hearing this, too, even though I was one of those folks who found the Best of the 80’s multipack when it was first released.  I am a bit curious about “classic look”, though.  Do they mean a direct homage to his vintage appearence, or with some liberties?  Does this mean some more classic-themed multipacks are in the wings?  Guess we’ll wait and see.

Kastors Korner“We are finally releasing some of the characters that collectors have been clamoring for (Roadblock, Scarlett, Destro and Baroness among others)… and have some newly tooled figures based on the Resolute series that are sure to please…“. Yeah, this one was a no-brainer in my mind.  Everyone realizes the tooled up figures are getting in these boxed sets, the real question is who the newly  tooled figures are going to be.  I’m still laying my cash down on Stalker, Flint, and Zartan as being key members of these 7-packs.  Who wants to take my bet?

JediDefender “Alley Viper is planned to be released as a single carded figure with updated gear and deco – watch out for him in the Pursuit of Cobra line!” Hot damn!  Love the Alley-Viper, and can’t wait to see what they do to him to make him gel with the Pursuit of COBRA.  I’m sensing some bad ass new gear and paint apps.  Very cool…gotta be a “City Strike” guy.

HissTank – “The Pursuit of Cobra product will hit shelves in the back half 2010.” Ummm…  wha–?  The back half?  My understanding from the Con was that these would start hitting in January and be a full blown year long theme.  Are they really being pushed back to the second part of 2010?  If so, that’s a bit of a bummer from a stagnation stand point.   Sure, there’s plenty of product on the horizon like the next run of Target Exclusives, Alpha vehicles wave 3, Bravo vehicles wave 3, etc…  but most of that stuff contains heavy doses of repaints, retools, and rehashes.  I gotsta get my hands on some NEW stuff, man.  This is a bit of a bummer…hopefully we can get some elaboration or clarification on this.

As usual, somewhat of a mixed bag.  There were some answers scattered about, but still a lot of marketing talk.  I have noticed a trend of questions getting a bit “snippier” as time goes on.  It would appear the fandom is tiring a bit of the non-answers, but we should get used to it.  It’s nice to at least see some information flowing out there, even if you have to dig through a lot of jargon to get it.