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One of my answers has to wait until tomorrow, I would imagine because it involves some extra research and writing (and is hopefully informative)…but here are the two answers that I DID get today:

All of my answers can be found below!

Q: Can you explain the process behind producing store exclusives?  Do stores have sole discretion over what’s in the set, or do your designers build out several various “exclusives” sets and sell them to buyers that way?  Are there consistent budget restrictions, or does it depend on which retailer you’re trying to sell to?  How much say to they have over included characters, tooling costs, or MSRP?

A: We really try to look at how best to blend the needs of both the retailers and the collectors.  Ultimately, it has to sell well… and we do have to factor in many components as you mentioned, but with the wealth of Joe-knowledge and fan base here at Hasbro – the designs are primarily internally generated to fit best within the overall GI Joe line.

Q: One of the fandom’s favorite things about Resolute were the character designs and the art style, and in fact, Deviant Art has supplied the fandom with a great assortment of Resolute inspired concept art and designs.  When can we expect to see an “Art of G.I. Joe: Resolute” book to celebrate the unique style of the great designers behind the creation of G.I. Joe: Resolute?

A: While there are no firm plans in place at present, the publishing team is looking at various options for the use of this material.

Q: With so much demand from fans for vintage homages in the Rise of Cobra line, why does Hasbro continue to do these “homages” in strange and different ways?  Why not put Footloose in a Jungle Operations set and give him a proper “vintage” look?  Why not  do a night operations or urban operations set with a proper Lowlight that folks have been asking for?  Is Hasbro “saving” these figures for something in the future?  It seems like a no-brainer….

A: We always try to do what’s best for the brand depending on the current context and situation. We try to mix classic looks with modern gear to keep the brand relevant and accessible for the next generation of GI Joe fans but also keep the brand relevant to current fans.

I’ve defended Hasbro pretty heavily on their Q & A process in the past, but this is getting a little silly.  I tried to ask a relatively in depth question in attempts to get some insight into their decision making, yet it was still returned with the typical marketing speak.  I only hope my third question maybe offers a little bit more information, I don’t think I’m really asking for a whole lot.  Certainly not trade secrets or anything.

Hasbro, a note…we’re collectors here.  We LOVE this stuff.  We simply want to know more about it.  Why can we not get informative and insightful answers to questions that don’t even ask about upcoming product?  I’m really not understanding this.

In the meantime, keep watching the Q & A page for more answers…hopefully with more information than I got here.