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What a difference some color makes…  the initial Rise of Cobra version of Cobra Commander got universal disdain (though personally I thought it was a pretty cool, revolutionary new design) got this new, mail order version is getting pretty wide praise.  And honestly, it freaking deserves it.  Regardless of how much it does or doesn’t resemble Cobra Commander, that is one bad ass looking figure.  The vac metallized mask, the chrome red torso…the staff, weapons, and nasty looking miniature HISS sentry?  Hot damn that’s a cool looking figure.

It takes a lot to make me like Cobra Commander…there’s been so much ridiculous redundancy with this character over the past several years, seeing something new and cool is a very good thing in my book.  Check out the mirrored images below.  Holy crap it’s awesome.  How cool will it look alongside the Crimson Neo-Vipers?  The packaging is sick, too…

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