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With all this new product hitting, seems like old friend of GeneralsJoes “Alexx” has his hands full!  This weekend, we’re getting a feature on the Wal-Mart exclusive Outpost Defender w/ Roadblock and Tripwire.  Excellent choice.  🙂

Check out the original thread on JBL here, and take a peek at the gallery below as well!

This one definitely tops my list of most wanted from these latest Wal-Mart exclusives.  Love the Outpost Defender, and LOVE that Roadblock.  Tripwire is a bit sketchy, very obviously using the old Tiger Force paint apps, only done up in the slightly overdone black and silver movie paint scheme, which doesn’t look nearly as good.  I guess I don’t really understand…if Roadblock can be done in various shades of brown and green, why not Tripwire?  That would give the vintage fans their Tiger Force homage they want, while still getting some neat movie product out there, too.  I can understand the desire to use the movie paint scheme, but if Roadblock can be in different, more jungle themed stuff, why not the other figure?  It would bring the whole set together a lot more cohesively, and this is coming from someone who normally doesn’t give a crap about old school homages…

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