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Thanks to the guys at HissTank who have found a nice box shot of the two “Rip Attack” vehicles first revealed at JoeCon.  The vehicles are the Jetstorm Cycle w/ Snake Eyes and the Tiger Snake w/ Street-Viper.  As I reported earlier this month, we also got a very good look at the art shown here in the last issue of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter.

The figures appear to be Snake Eyes v.1 from the Rise of Cobra line, and a fairly straight-forward Elite-Viper renamed as the Street-Viper.  It’s tough to tell in these pictures, but the larger images in the newsletter show the Street-Viper to be an almost black repaint base figure with a nice silver armor.  I actually think the Tiger Snake looks pretty sweet, even with the wacky zipcord action.  Check out the image mirrored below.