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The Cobra Rage has always been a vehicle that I had an affinity for, even with it’s strange design and even stranger original color scheme…it was meant to be an urban vehicle, yet was decked out in very desert-themed colors.  With a ton of potent offensive weapons, it was a very cool looking vehicle, and was made to look even better in 1998 when it got the crazy cool black and blue repaint treatment.

Well, if this high res image holds true, it looks like the updated version we’re getting in 2010 will look even better!  Colored in a very nice, deep purple color scheme with gorgeous splashes of equally dark green, it’s got a very interesting new color pallet without being too ugly and garrish.  Of course this image looks heavily Photoshopped, but if the vehicle hits as it looks here, well… damn.  I’m sold.  Love it.  I’m one of the few guys who actually really likes these new tires as well.  The more muted colors on the Alley-Viper is just the icing on the cake.  Beauty.


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