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Rulz over on got his hands on the upcoming Toys “R” Us Exclusive COBRA 5-Pack (to go along with his G.I. Joe 5-Pack) and has posted images here, which I’m also mirroring below.

As cool as the G.I. Joe 5-Pack is, I find the COBRA pack pretty underwhelming.  Sure, it’s great for army builders, since there are few changes to any of the troopers within (save for Elite-Viper’s COBRA symbol), but I’m not crazy about those two MARS Trooper/Officer figures, and I certainly don’t need a sixth Neo-Viper necessarily.  I wouldn’t mind another Elite-Viper, and that infiltration Duke is completely bad ass, but I don’t see myself paying $20 just for those two figures.  I’ll probably crawl eBay and see who’s dumping that Duke and keeping the troopers.

Interesting that the Joe set seems full of creative thinking and new characters, while the COBRA set just seems to be rehash central.  But again, for an army builder pack, maybe that’s what folks want in a COBRA set…we’ve already got plenty of Skittle-Vipers as it is.  :shifty:

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