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Over at JoeBattleLines, MaxPower has stumbled across the KMart Exclusive 4-Pack at his local California K-Mart and was kind enough to snap some pictures of what can be found inside.  The set comes with:

  • Desert Camouflage Heavy Duty
  • Duke (in MP Uniform)
  • MARS Weapon Officer
  • Neo-Viper

Heavy Duty is the best of the bunch, just because he comes with the best of the gear from the two previous versions!  He’s got the machine gun and pistol from the Weapons Specialist (as well as the backpack w/ straps), but he’s got the heavy machine gun and grenade launcher from the Reactive Armor version.

The two COBRA’s are colored up in a strange dark brown/bronze shade which doesn’t appeal to me a whole lot, though each of them come fully equipped with their original weapons load.  Duke is just kind of a toss in, I think.  I’m not crazy about the MP/Zartan figure, and we’ve already got a decent desert camouflage Duke.  Anyway…retail was apparently $27 or $28.  Keep your eyes out if you’re interested!

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