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Hasbro has responded to the latest round of G.I. Joe Q & A’s.  GeneralsJoes answers are as follows, and as always check out the GeneralsJoes Q & A Hub for links to other sites all over the ‘net for their Q & A’s as well!

Q – If G.I. Joe follows in the tradition of Transformers, they may use the popularity of the film to launch something on television like an animated series. Do you envision this happening, and if it does happen, how would Hasbro and the production company (whomever that might be) balance the military/weapons angle with an animated feature clearly geared for the younger crowd? Would we be dealt something like Transformers: Animated, or perhaps something closer to Clone Wars in maturity and action?

A – Great question.  Future G.I. Joe animation plans are currently being discussed in Pawtucket and Los Angeles however it is still to early for details.

Q – It’s obvious that the Pursuit of COBRA is clearly a story-based idea following in the footsteps of the Rise of COBRA. Considering the ending of the film, will we see any collaboration between the toys and the movie, with an explanation of how Destro and COBRA Commander escaped, how Storm Shadow survived, and where the story goes from here? How are we to know the “guts” of the Pursuit of COBRA tale?

A – The Pursuit of Cobra story arc will be explained over the year through a variety of channels…details are coming soon so stay tuned!

Q – Many fans were somewhat disappointed at a lack of Resolute related information or news at JoeCon. When can we expect to hear more about the DVD release, the boxed set of figures, and can we expect a Resolute “Battle Pack” with both figures AND the DVD movie? Dare we hope for Blu-Ray?

A – Resolute should be released this fall on DVD.  Right now we are working on what the next generation of G.I. Joe animation will be and we are not ready to share at this time.