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Yeesh…not only did the Rise of COBRA movie hit, but I’ve been spending some serious time with the video game to get a review prepped, plus work has been nuts and my wife is about ready to burst with our second child, so we’ve been doing nursery prep and all that fun stuff.

So if you’ve noticed that news stories and reviews have slowed, please don’t worry about it!  Starting Monday, as long as I’m not in the hospital with the family, things will start picking back up again and going full steam.  I’ve got reviews in the hopper for the X-Box 360 game, Mark Bellomo’s excellent book that I’ve taken way too long to get a review done on, as well as many Rise of Cobra figures that I don’t have up yet.

So, while I know the Twitter feed and RSS Feed haven’t been cooking along quite as often as usual, rest assured, there’s plenty more to come, I haven’t lost my juice, just catching my breath a bit this week.  It’s been a whirlwind for Joe fans, but a great ride already!  Go see the movie like eight times so we can get some decent sequels out of it.