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So, if anyone has read my review, they know I have a few questions and issues about some changes in dialog or events from the upcoming film.  Well, El Mayimbe from Latino Review sat down with Stephen Sommers and got a great interview, and some awesome details about the film and potential sequels!  There are some minor spoilers, so I’ll fully discuss this after the jump.

The full interview can be found right here, but I want to talk about a few things as well:

Quote 1

Sommers: “…people think it ties up but no one knows that Storm Shadow didn’t kill Hard Master.

EM: No he didn’t.

Sommers: I know that. It’s funny because we had a couple of lines of dialogue that explained that.

EM: It was in the graphic novel adaptation but not in the movie.

Sommers: Yeah, no, and that’s why. We cut it out of the movie because people who aren’t ‘GI Joe’ fans got confused, like they missed something…”

I’m really glad they touched on this, as I was a bit concerned about this point from the film.  It’s nice to see Sommers open up a bit, and say the reasons for cutting that piece of dialog, and still leave the door open for Storm Shadow’s potential redemption…  if he’s still alive, of course.  :shifty:

Quote 2

Sommers:I’m talking Cobra Commander, I think the mirror – I don’t necessarily like that Klu Klux Klan looking thing – is a really, really cool mask. Don’t worry, we’re getting there. Cobra Commander is only in the last few scenes and Destro, as you know, we’ll get there if we’re lucky enough to do the sequels.”

Also great to see him acknowledge the reflective battle helmet.  I could easily see them kind of morphing that funky face mask into a suitable reflective battle mask.  I would think lots of Joe fans would like hearing this, too…one of the main complaints I hear is Cobra Commander’s look.

Quote 3

EM: Snake Eyes is a ninja commando. Will we ever get to see how he became a commando?
Sommers: You’re the second person in the last hour who’s said that. We have to found out how Snake Eyes became a commando at age sixteen or seventeen, maybe eighteen.”

Again, a great sign that there is more Snake Eyes backstory to be explained.  I keep on hoping they’ll find a way to work in some tragic events from his past that help define his character a bit better than a bad ass guy with swords like he was in movie 1.  Last quote for now…

Quote 4

Sommers: Well, at one point, it got to the point where Shipwreck was in the submarine and he had like one line or two lines. It’s one thing…Kevin J. O’Connor played Dr. Mindbender.

EM: I was worried.

Sommers: He will change his looks. People who know Mindbender will think, ‘Well, he doesn’t really look like Mindbender.’ Not yet, but we haven’t seen him since the explosion. See, you see. He doesn’t look anything like Mindbender, but we haven’t seen him since the explosion…”

So it would also appear the Dr. Mindbender in the film (who essentially was a scientist looking guy with gray hair and a beard) is destined to re-appear, and to make a larger impact.  This is really cool news to me as well.  I’m glad “The Doctor” in the film isn’t the only Mindbender we might end up seeing down the line.

All in all, it was a great interview with some awesome tidbits of information.  Check it out here.