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Thanks to Mysterious Stranger for pointing out Hollywood insider Nikki Finke, who has a VERY detailed report about G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA’s opening weekend on her website here.

She seems quite optimistic about the returns for the film financially (though she trends at about $55 million rather than the $60 million that Steve Mason reported on his blog just recently.  I think Nikki’s got the inside track.  Interesting quotes are as follows:

“Now, despite all the sniping and snarking, it looks to open for a $55M North American weekend after earning $22M today from a huge release into 4,007 theaters. The pic even made a ” B+” CinemaScore (“A-” for under 18).”

That sounds pretty good…she also talks about the international numbers.

G.I. Joe also opened day and date in 75% of its foreign territories. Although I’ve heard reports from rival studios that ticket sales were “disappointing” in Australia (where the pic opened #2 to the Sony romantic comedy Ugly Truth), early numbers from Asia are said to be “huge”. One projection for overseas grosses this weekend is $35M…”

She also brings up some great points about royalties from toy sales and DVD sales.  So far, things are sounding at least somewhat promising, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes on this throughout the weekend and going forward.  Again, check out her entire article right here.